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The Art of Designing a Show Flat

Learn how to infuse your properties with character and furnish a show flat that will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

Step into a kingdom of Interior Design and explore these two meticulously furnished show flats in Richmond. Located on opposite parts of the building, much like two sides of a coin, they showcase the two different types of residents of the borough. The 2-bedroom apartment embodies the affluence of the area, striving for elegance and luxury. The studio contrastingly provides a fond connection to adolescence and appeals to a younger demographic of students and junior professionals who are moving away from the city in search of more space, nature and tranquillity. To take a closer look explore the 2-bedroom and Studio apartments in our Portfolio page.

Both flats share a bohemian influence, but take it in diverging directions. To see how they were transformed from empty rooms to the stunningly ornate show flats they are now, we need to take a closer look at our interior designers’ thought process and inspiration. Let’s start with the 2-bed…

It is a penthouse apartment. Its biggest selling point is its south-facing living room with large windows that provide an array of sunlight throughout the entire year, creating an airy atmosphere. The apartment’s quirks don’t stop there, as our design team faced an intriguing challenge through the element of shape. The living room has sharp, angular corners, creating small pockets of space that are difficult to fit functional furniture in. To counterbalance the effect of these edges our interior designers turned to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui for inspiration.


Feng Shui focuses on balance and contrast. Sharper corners are juxtaposed against gentle curves, and roughness is countered by softness. The aim is to achieve free movement of energy around the house and the feeling of harmony.

With that in mind, we used curved furniture as much as possible. The sinuous sofa is exquisite and the round coffee table and fluffy rug serve to further complement its shapes. Together they form a cosy and stylish nook in the most prominent, sharp corner of the entire flat. In the bedroom, the headboard, side tables and pouffe provide balance against the angles of the wardrobe and the bed.


Boucle is a running motif throughout the flat, it adds texture and softness with its woolly appearance, while also displaying a touch of luxury and opulence that would appeal to affluent residents.

Neutral, earthy tones and materials also appear regularly around the apartment. Whenever possible, we chose wood over other materials to create an organic environment. We used fresh vegetation prominently, adorning the empty surfaces with smaller plants and placing large potted ones in the corners to utilise the space and introduce a balanced, natural ambience.


The interior feature that serves best to counterpoise the sharp corner angles is the window dressings. We produced bespoke voile curtains for each room and installed them on the furnishing day. They were designed to curve around the sharp corners and smooth out the edges with their wavy shape. They are made from translucent linen which allows them to let a certain amount of light from the outside and keep the apartment bright, while also preserving the view from the penthouse.

At the other end of the building, facing north you will find the studio flat. Our client’s preference was that it should be furnished in a youthful, energetic fashion in order to appeal to students and young professionals.


We chose a diverse colour palate, which represented the funky, eclectic side of bohemian design. We combined the interplaying hues with natural materials to ground the environment. We brought nature indoors with the use of plants. Their saturated green colour served to balance the other hues and complete the eclectic aesthetic. The overall feeling, in the end, is that of a spry, healthy, vibrant flat.

Throughout the apartments, you can see furniture from our website catalogue like the Jasmin Dining Chair, Peony Console and Colton Round dining table. What you can also see are some of the products we can source as a part of our complete furnishing service. We have a vast catalogue of bespoke furnishings on offer as a part of our turnkey interior design services. We can present a wider variety of options to our private clients to choose from in order to achieve their desired look. To learn more about our design services, click here.

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