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Show Homes, Sales Vouchers & View Units

Discover the benefits of show homes & view units with the help of our experienced interior design team. We have furnished hundreds of successful show homes and know what it takes to create a space that increases the property’s value and attracts attention from visitors. We can accommodate various budgets and styles, ensuring that your property is designed in line with the preferences of your target demographic.

Stunning Design Solutions

With a fine eye for detail and years of experience in the industry, Base Furnishings offers a complete service – from the procurement and installation of furniture to accessorising the space with timeless décor and hiring a professional photographer to make your property stand out in online listings.


We believe that to maximise returns, a show home should reflect the spirit of the property. It should be well put together and impeccably presented. Our process is efficient and customer-centric. We aim to design show homes that fit our client’s vision and are set up to maximise sales.

We offer a diverse range of bespoke furniture, produced to the market's highest standards. By sourcing unique designer pieces and hand-picked decorations, we can make your property one-of-a-kind and attract attention through its distinctiveness.


Beyond design, we increase visibility for your property via our online marketing channels. Our established social media pages and website will showcase your view unit and assist in attracting the attention of interested parties. The photographs we use will be taken and edited by a professional photographer and present your property in an appealing and irresistible manner.


To learn more about our design philosophy and previous projects visit our Interior Design page.


Sales Vouchers


To assist Developers in navigating the challenges of the property industry we offer furniture vouchers with Base for purchasers. You can choose any value, for example – £1,000. That includes free design, survey, installs and space planning. We welcome buyers to our showroom where they can browse the many styles we have on display and get a feel of our samples of fabrics and window dressings. Our creative marketing team can design collaborative material such as brochures and social media campaigns to maximise sales for each development.

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