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Grunge Design: Embracing Imperfections

Add a hint of faded elegance and cosiness to your property, with some inspiration from the grunge school of interior design. It is the ideal style for revitalising older buildings and infusing them with a unique blend of character and nostalgia.

04/08/2023 By:

The origins of grunge interior design can be traced back to late 19th century France. The bourgeoisie’s move to the countryside and their struggle to stand out led to a unique blend of faded aristocracy and suburban simplicity. The style has gone through several iterations since, with the most recent and influential one happening in the 90s. The grunge music scene, coming out of Seattle, took over the world with its raw sound and unkempt aesthetics. This cultural movement influenced the fashion scene as well and over time found its way back into the realm of interior design.

Grunge is all about embracing imperfections, much like the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi. It thrives on moody interiors that reject polish and instead focus on raw authenticity. It is a rebellious and provoking style that champions subdued colours and exposed materials, crafting an environment that exudes comfort amidst ruggedness. Despite its edgy accents grunge interior incorporates soft fabrics and thoughtful lighting to achieve a balance and foster a cosy ambience.

The main philosophy of grunge is accepting materials and appearance in their raw form. It celebrates rugged walls with exposed materials such as brick and stone. It is all about honesty and an aesthetic that does not hide behind a veneer.

Grunge design embraces natural materials such as wood, stone, and concrete, complemented by darker, neutral tones and bold designs. Furniture is upholstered with distressed, slightly faded fabrics, evoking a sense of pre-loved comfort. These soft textures serve to balance the ruggedness of accent pieces, while cushions, throws and art add touches of gentleness and warmth to the space. Plants are used in juxtaposition with harsher design elements to create a natural atmosphere. In many ways, grunge design can be seen as a distinct cousin of bohemian style, albeit with a unique twist.

Designing a grunge home

When designing a grunge-inspired home, selecting the right furniture plays a pivotal role. In the living room, the March sofa, with its dark and dramatic charcoal colour, sets the tone for the space. Its angular design gives it a blocky appearance which is softened by the depth and comfort of its cushioning. To introduce an intriguing contrast, pair it with a bright carpet like the Dreamy rug, which can add a touch of softness and set a captivating visual dynamic.


Complementing the sofa, the Railey coffee table can stand out with its bold design. It adds a dash of audacity to the living room while staying true to the darker aesthetic. Adjacent to the sofa, the unconventional shape and faded metal design of the Eppie tripod table make it an ideal accent piece, seamlessly complementing the overall scene.


The Rachel occasional armchair completes the scene. Its soft hue and curves help to bridge the gap between the raw looks of the other furniture to create a cosy feeling space. It reveals the aesthetic of the scene and creates a feeling of harmony and balance.

The Statun bench and dining table bring a touch of ruggedness to a grunge kitchen/dining room. Their concrete design enhances the space with an edgy look, perfectly complementing a reclaimed wood floor – a signature element of grunge aesthetics. Fresh plants and candles can be incorporated to soften the overall atmosphere. Additionally, covering the bench with distressed sitting cushions or throws adds a cosy and inviting touch.

The bedroom is a place for resting and relaxing and therefore it could benefit greatly from a darker colour scheme. Our Sienna bed is an excellent choice for setting a comfortable yet moody atmosphere. Its intriguing and elegant charcoal hue adds depth to the room, creating an ideal environment for resting. Our Cuba bedside drawer serves as an organic contrast to the bed. It is crafted from white oak and brings an element of nature to the bedroom.

To introduce a nice cosy ambience you will need to choose soft, warm lighting. The Hal lamp table, adorned with Edison bulbs, produces a gentle, warm luminosity which gives the room the soft glow reminiscent of a fireplace. Its bold and classical design perfectly aligns with the desired aesthetic of a grunge-inspired bedroom.

Art plays a significant role in capturing the essence of grunge interiors and serves as an ideal finishing touch. Consider prominently displaying old musical instruments, such as a used piano or guitar, as they can profoundly impact the room’s ambience. Hanging artwork or prints on the walls complements the furniture and overall interior design. To add a bit of darkness and brooding you can use the Bermo or Lost Woods. To introduce some natural colours we suggest the Desert Island or Volcano Day prints.

By strategically selecting and arranging these furniture pieces, a cohesive grunge interior emerges, embracing the imperfect beauty of raw materials and evoking a moody yet comfortable ambience. The combination of dark and bold elements, softened by contrasting textures and thoughtful accents, creates a captivating and harmonious space that fully embodies the essence of grunge design.

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