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Please find latest information about Furniture Industry and Interior Design.

Love to Rent Week

Love to Rent, the portal dedicated to property development designed and built specifically to be rented, are debuting their first customer awareness week during 24th-28th May 2021. "Renting...but not as you know it" - Read More...

All About That Base

It’s official. Base Furnishings has joined the blog-osphere via the fabulous people at “Love To Rent”, a company we are hugely excited about collaborating with, especially during the upcoming “Build To Rent” week - Read More...

Investment In A Post-Covid World - PART 1

As we have now entered May, there is much the team at Base Furnishings are certain of. First, Spring induced sunshine means there is now an incentive to invest in brighter colours, lighter fabrics and furniture pieces that reflect the season. - Read More...

Investment In A Post-Covid World - PART 2

Okay so, we all know that the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdowns has affected all manner of businesses throughout the United Kingdom but since the vaccine roll-out and gentle easing of restrictions, we need to know…how safe is it to invest in a post-Covid world? - Read More...