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Property Managers

It is essential to have a trusty toolbox of useful services and companies that will get the job done, no matter the difficulty. When it comes to furniture and all things interiors Base Furnishings is the partner you’ve been looking for. Let us show you why.

Our Experience in the Industry

Operating since 2010 and with over fifty years of combined experience within the industry, Base Furnishings has amassed a sizeable repertoire of outstanding projects for satisfied clients. Not a single week goes by without us furnishing multiple rental units. This continued activity has made us experts in rental accommodation furniture, with a keen eye for durable, cost-effective pieces. Our products will satisfy both the landlords whose portfolios you manage and the tenants you are responsible for.

Hassle-Free, One-on-One Service

Base Furnishings tailors our services to support this goal. Our furniture installers and team leaders each with over five years of experience, perform professional and prompt installations, including key collection/return and photographs of completed installations to ensure you are happy with the end product. We work off floorplans provided by our clients to optimise space and lighting at every property. The only thing you need to do is place an order and tell us what you want, we will handle the rest.

We take pride in our exceptional customer service. Each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager who ensures smooth execution from start to finish. You can expect to work with them on future schemes guaranteeing consistent communication and in-depth understanding of your properties and their needs. We aim to provide a bespoke and effective service to our clients, adhering to the highest professional standards.

Custom, Distinct Interiors

Make your properties stand out with our custom interior design services. Impress property seekers and minimise void periods. Our creative interior designers produce attractive and unique interiors for any space you need furnished. Whether you are looking for a complete redesign or subtle enhancements, we will tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs while ensuring the property is in line with current design trends and appeals to your target demographic.

Window Dressings

Beyond furniture, we also offer bespoke in-house curtains and blinds. Our knowledgeable team can suggest the best options for your property based on style and budget. Producing the window dressings in-house means you will get a product which is made to fit specifically with the interiors and windows of the property you manage providing consistency that is sure to impress property seekers. Browse our Curtains & Blinds Brochure to learn more about our offerings.


To help you maintain your properties in good condition we offer quick like-for-like replacements of core furniture. We will remove & recycle broken and old pieces of furniture, for a small fee, and swap them with like-for-like replacements. With our services, the properties you manage will always be in top condition and equipped with durable, on-trend furniture.

Contact Us

Make use of our personalised services and comprehensive offerings to maintain and improve your portfolio. Contact us to explore how we can help with your next project.

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