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Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a type of housing specially designed for a wide range of people from the elderly to people with physical or learning disabilities or who need some help in their everyday lives but do not need specialist nursing care. Our furniture is designed to help them to fulfill and meet their daily needs and to make their home a happy comfortable and safe environment for them to enjoy and love.


Our cost-effective and toughened furniture provides the perfect solution for all types of accommodation. This furniture is designed to ensure a safe environment by consisting of strong, hardwearing materials, smooth and rounded edges and fabrics to meet the UK Crib 5 Fire Regulation.


We also offer bespoke items such as upholstered sofas, chairs and bean bags.







We have furnished a number of properties for our local authority for the London Borough of Brent, providing suitable and reliable furnishing solutions for individual requirements as well as assisted living communal areas.

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