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CottageCore: The New Interior Design Trend that Everybody is Talking About

Cottagecore: That cosy thing we are all looking forward to this autumn...

Cottagecore is a relatively recent interior design phenomenon. It emerged as an idea in the early 2010s and gained significant popularity towards the end of the decade. It is especially beloved by younger generations seeking respite from city life and modern, industrial aesthetics.

Cottagecore celebrates the simple and sustainable living of English cottages which are world-famous for their rustic charm and snug interiors. It draws on the nostalgia for traditional country living and merges it with the creature comforts of the modern age while celebrating the British roots which it has taken inspiration from.

The widespread admiration for Cottagecore has been evidenced in its rise in online search rankings, where it consistently ranks in the top spots for interior design terms by search volume, next to other trendy styles like Hygge. We have also seen a trend of entertainment media, video games in particular, selling well when featuring cottage-inspired themes – such as the Nintendo best seller Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Sims 4: Cottage Living. Incorporating elements of this style can enhance the appeal and marketability of your property and attract tenants and guests seeking the enchanting and cosy allure of Cottagecore living.


How do you achieve that? Our starting point is the progenitor and main inspiration of Cottagecore – cosy country cottages.


Cottage interiors reflect the tranquillity of slower-paced country life, mirroring their idyllic surroundings. The design of their furnishings is classical and timeless, emphasising comfort and sturdiness. Most people usually get acquainted with the cottage aesthetic during a holiday in the countryside, where they leave astounded by the homely feel of the house and the effortless cosiness of the furniture. Many are charmed by the homemade feel of the interiors which look as if they are crafted by local carpenters or even made by the homeowners themselves. The dining chairs and table are usually simple and made from solid wood – easy to build and repair. The sofas are traditional and soft, made for sinking into and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

Cottages are often brimming with unique accent decorations and interior design choices which showcase the character of the surrounding area. Bare wooden ceilings reveal the natural material at the core of the house, adding rustic warmth to the interior. Exposed stone walls bring the outdoor aesthetic indoors, infusing the space with timeless charm and ambience. A grand fireplace stands as a nostalgic reminder of the place’s history, imparting a sense of heritage. Trinkets and baubles dot the rooms, telling the story of the location and its people.


Thick, patterned curtains dress the windows, concealing a wide windowsill fashioned into a cosy nook. They create a place where occupants and guests can relax with a cup of tea and savour the views of the garden and surrounding countryside. For a touch of sentimental practicality, modern cottages can feature an old-fashioned, traditional cooker like AGA in the kitchen. It offers a delightful cooking experience and emits a gentle, enveloping heat throughout the house, spreading a warm and snug atmosphere.


You should use these images and moods as inspiration for infusing your own properties with a touch of modern Cottagecore. We will get more into this trend in the following section.

The rising popularity of Cottagecore has been largely fuelled by people’s desire for a simpler life and their attempts to reflect that feeling into their homes. They are seeking tranquillity and harmony. Wooden furniture and green plants are used to add a touch of biophilia. The cushioning people pick out is fluffy and elegant, made for lounging and dining for longer periods. Old-style rugs and throws infuse the rooms with warmth and fuzziness. The colour scheme is pastoral and inspired by nature. Fresh fruit is displayed in woven baskets to achieve the rustic aesthetic of country-chic. Everything about the home is coordinated to establish a feeling of being welcome, cosy, serene and content. People have been spending more and more time indoors, either working from home or resting after work, so it is no wonder that they have decided to strive for these sentiments and have turned to Cottagecore as a way to achieve them.

Window dressings play a significant role in Cottagecore flats, serving as key focal points. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can add elegance to the space and provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping the interior warm during winter. Pelmets have seen a resurgence as well, adding an old-school country charm and offering a stylish, tidy finish to the windows.


Our team of professional window dressing producers and fitters are available to guide you through the process of exploring all the viable options and finding the perfect fit for your property.

Finding the optimal design style and the furniture needed for it is a lengthy process and one that you can make a lot easier with the help of our interior design team. Once you have picked your desired style, like Cottagecore, our interior designers will meticulously source the best furniture that our suppliers offer, using your chosen aesthetic and budget. They can visit your property to inspect and measure it, ensuring the seamless placement of the furniture and accents to bring your vision to life.


With our comprehensive assistance and services, furnishing and enhancing your property becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience. We can design, deliver and install the interiors and transform the space into a picturesque heaven that embodies the allure of Cottagecore, attracting the attention of prospective tenants and buyers alike.

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