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Summer Trends 2023

Explore the hottest interior design trends of summer 2023 with us.

June has arrived and brought summer with it. The days are growing longer and warmer, nature is flourishing all around us. The world of interior design evolves along with the season. Emerging trends take centre stage, while others solidify their importance. Our interior design team has a keen awareness of what is in vogue and what is on the way out. They are hard at work, creating new design concepts and giving our customers the best seasonal décor they could ask for.

Open-plan living rooms have stayed in fashion through recent years. People seek homes that provide ample space for daily living, hosting gatherings and incorporating exercise routines. Space has been a keyword influencing design decisions for a while now, no matter the season.

With that in mind, let’s explore the current design landscape and identify the trends which will define the summer of 2023.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is taking centre stage in the world of furniture design. The impact of climate change has significantly influenced consumers’ purchasing habits, leading them to seek sustainably sourced, built-to-last and environmentally friendly products. Wood has emerged as a highly sought-after material and ash in particular has garnered popularity due to its rapid growth and inherent durability. Our Elder Line exemplifies how ash could be combined with other sustainable materials like rattan to create furniture that blends eco-consciousness with aesthetic beauty. Adding to that, the Elder Chair incorporates upholstery made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

2. Shades of Blue

This summer has seen the emergence of the colour blue and its numerous shades. Its presence creates pockets of tranquillity within surrounding spaces. It has proven to be particularly effective in evoking a coastal interior design style, a sought-after aesthetic that brings the essence of summertime into the residence. The Quartz Sideboard in Blue is the ideal product for infusing the ambience of seaside living into your properties. It is a practical piece with a colour palette that radiates summery vibrance, making it a standout during the warmer months.

3. Biophilic Design

Nature is beautiful! Embracing biophilic design is a great way to make a flat more attractive to tenants or buyers. Incorporating fresh plants is a clever strategy to optimise the décor in an unconventionally shaped room. They are useful to furnish tight pockets of space, that would otherwise be left empty, providing visual interest and an atmosphere of healthiness. Alternatively, displaying vases on a sideboard or bookshelf can evoke an eclectic feeling and add a touch of nature’s charm to the overall aesthetic.

4. Curved Furniture

Curved furniture has stayed in fashion over the past couple of years because it serves as the perfect element to add a touch of softness to a room. Our newly introduced Ben Round Stool acts as an example of the beauty and functionality of this kind of furniture. It can double as occasional seating or a footrest, infusing an angular room with heaps of character. It also provides extra fluidity to large, open-plan apartments because it is easy to move around and accommodate the needs of your tenants.

5. Boucle

Boucle fabric is undergoing a surge in popularity and has become the staple for infusing modern flats with a touch of luxury. It introduces texture and softness to a room and creates a tasteful contrast to velvet which has been the go-to extravagant fabric over the past decade. Our comfortable Laurel Dining Chair in Cologne Ivory would be the standout piece of an open-plan kitchen. Its bright colour would make the space lighter in the summer months and its woolly boucle stands in elegant opposition to the smooth kitchen surfaces.

6. Multi-purpose Furniture

With the ease of online shopping and recent working-from-home trends, modern tenants are increasingly attempting to squeeze every little bit of space available in their homes. Storage is becoming ever more valuable and this is precisely where the versatility of multi-purpose furniture stands out. Ottomans and coffee tables with built-in storage are seeing a rise in popularity, providing practical solutions for organising belongings. Foldable furniture is another highlight. Our Alpha Sofabed is ideal for landlords catering to summer tourists because it can double as an additional bed and make space for larger groups of visitors.

7. Small Accent Items

Instead of hiding them away, consider using trinkets and other smaller items as seasonal accent pieces. Select a colour that is appropriate for summer (blue as an example) and adorn the empty spaces of your property with a curated selection of items – candles, books, vases, glasses. These small accents serve as eye-catching additions, infusing your property with a touch of personal style and seasonal vibrance.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors serve as excellent tools for making a room feel more spacious. They reflect the summer sunlight across the whole area and serve as an extra source of natural radiance. When placed opposite a window they can transform the space in between, illuminating and imbuing it with a refreshing and invigorating ambience. We offer an array of mirrors to cater to all styles, as well as our connections to a network of suppliers which allows us to present bespoke solutions to private clients.

9. Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are the best solution if you seek to keep your property bright without making it excessively hot. They are lightweight and translucent, allowing for the gentle diffusion of sunlight and creating a comfortable shade within a room. They maintain an unobstructed view of the outside, while also ensuring a modicum of privacy to the residents of the property. All this combines to make them the ultimate summertime curtains.

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