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The 8 Rules of Running a Successful Holiday Let

Are you looking to get into the holiday lettings industry or searching for ways to improve your property's marketability and client satisfaction? We have compiled a list of 8 easy rules to follow to help you with just those goals!

The Holiday Lets industry has flourished in recent years, fuelled by the rise of staycations across the UK. People are attracted to it due to its flexibility and ability to cover demand in areas that are otherwise lacking in other hospitality options. As the industry has expanded, so has the competition. A successful holiday let nowadays needs to be distinct from the rest of the market. It has to make a lasting impression from the moment vacationers see photos of it online. The way to achieve that is by investing in furniture and interior design that stand out for their quality and flair. It is the first thing to do to attract more guests, generate outstanding reviews and increase the value of your bookings.



The team at Base Furnishings has decades of experience in designing and furnishing attractive properties, including holiday lets. We offer bespoke interior design solutions as well as a range of complete furniture packages at different price points, tailored to attracting key demographics. We know how to create interiors that sell and are also practical and durable. If you are looking to take the next step with your holiday let business, here are some things to consider, based on our experience:

1. Create an inviting and intriguing atmosphere

You should start off by considering how you want your guests to feel when booking and arriving at your holiday let. The first time they view it is through your photos, so you want to take clear and high-quality images that showcase the strong points of the property and show vacationers what they should expect. The next thing, from their perspective, is the check-in, which is very important to nail down, especially if they have to do it on their own. You want to make it as easy and convenient as possible and make certain that they will arrive at a homely and well-kept accommodation.

Invest in furniture that feels and looks inviting and comfortable. Our talented Interior Design team can help you choose the correct colours, focal points and accents to give your property a feeling of harmony. We can advise you on the best fabrics and materials for your accommodation and chosen style. This will let your guests feel relaxed and enjoy their visit from the moment they step in through the front door. Their satisfaction will lead to stellar reviews which will bring in a higher turnover of vacationers at your business.

2. Invest in practical, functional furniture

Practical furniture may not be glamorous or worthy of someone’s Instagram story, but guests will immediately notice if it is missing. Make sure there is enough storage for everything – shoes, clothes, toiletries. If you are open to accommodating visitors for longer periods you need drawers and wardrobes to let them unpack and feel more at home. Consider the layout of the rooms and make sure that they are easy to navigate, child safe and have clearly designated dining, lounging and sleeping areas.

3. Consider the size of your property

Bigger properties allow you to accommodate more guests, but you also need to ensure that they are comfortable and that there is enough space and facilities for everybody. Parties of 4 and more are usually families with kids or groups of friends. They are likely going to relax in the lounging area in the evening – play a game or watch a movie and unwind before going to bed. Make sure there is enough seating to fit them all – occasional armchairs, a large sofa and a coffee table for their drinks or for playing. Investing in a chaise sofa, such as the Sidley 4-seat Sofa, could be very useful. It will allow you to clearly designate the party/lounge area and create a hub that people will gravitate to in the evenings.

4. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Speaking of sofas, one of the easiest ways to accommodate more guests is by buying a sofa bed. It is extremely practical, as it can be used as regular seating when not in need and extended to fit extra people when you are accommodating a larger party. An ottoman with extra storage can also be a useful addition to a holiday let, providing additional room for storing house essentials such as bedding for the sofa bed. An extending, dining table can be used to free up space while maintaining the option to host bigger parties.

5. Focus on the comfort of your guests

The most important furnishings in your holiday let and the ones who will see the most use are the beds. You need a high-quality bed like the Cooper Double Divan bed – well-built and sturdy. We can also offer you a variety of ergonomic mattresses that are a pleasure to lie in. To protect them, make sure you buy mattress covers. Giving your guests a good night’s sleep is important and will play a huge role in their final evaluation of your lodgings.

Installing quality window dressings is also important to make sure visitors are happy. Many people have trouble sleeping if too much outside light is filtering in through gaps between the window and the blinds. Base Furnishings has an in-house team that produces and installs made-to-measure window dressings to help avoid just those kinds of situations. We can inspect your property, take measures, and give you advice about which kind of blinds are best suited to your needs. We can take care of the process from start to finish and provide you with bespoke window dressings that will impress your guests.

6. Make sure you have enough inventory for busy periods of the year

There are months when you will naturally have more visitors than average. People prefer to take time off in the summer and holiday seasons, increasing demand for holiday lets. To avoid any last-minute situations, it is advisable to keep a larger inventory of items such as bedding and kitchen essentials. Bedsheets and pillowcases, in particular, have to be changed after the end of every occupancy so you should keep at least a pair of them at hand for every bed you offer. This will make it easier to accommodate back-to-back bookings, without rushing.

Sometimes accidents happen and a piece of furniture can be damaged beyond use and repair. For those cases, we offer our replenishment services. We can deliver the new item to you promptly and collect the older piece of furniture for disposal, taking it off of your hands. We hold large amounts of stock in our warehouse and can offer a quick turnaround on orders of this kind, making sure you have the replacement furniture ready for future bookings.

7. Reflect the surrounding area

Vacationers usually choose holiday lets over other types of accommodation because they offer a one-of-a-kind, cosy experience which is not available in a standard hotel. One way to curate the feel of your property and make it more attractive is by using the interiors to showcase the charm of the destination. If your holiday let is in a city include brochures of local attractions and recommendations about the best places to spend an evening in the area. If you are investing in the countryside incorporate materials and design styles which are unique to the region. Use decorations to display the rare charms of your holiday let’s area.


8. Sweat the Details

Anticipating the needs of your guests and addressing them in advance is an excellent way to get outstanding reviews. Think about every part of the letting experience and how it can be improved for customer satisfaction. Make sure your property is always in pristine condition before the arrival of visitors. Give them opportunities to entertain themselves indoors by providing them with board games, books & magazines, television and reliable WiFi. Think about the kitchen appliances which they will need to cook freely for themselves if they want to. Managing to consistently address the needs of your guests will lead to positive feedback which will not go unnoticed by future holiday-goers.


By making sure you have comfortable, well-curated furniture and paying attention to your visitors’ requirements you can increase the demand for your holiday let, get superlative reviews and stand out among your competitors. Investing in key areas of your property and putting in the time and effort to maintain them will lead to increased profits and allow you to run a successful business for years to come.

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