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A New Year, A New Trend?

A new year! A new trend? 2022 was the year of nature, interesting textures and the colour green; you'll be pleased to know that 2023 will won't be too dissimilar from these popular interior design trends we have come to know and love. While it's impossible to say for certain what the future will bring, there are a few trends we expect to see in the coming year:

Neutrals and Nature


Since experiencing a national lockdown in 2020, it was becoming increasingly popular to incorporate nature into an architectural space, after-all our homes where the only spaces we saw for a long time. This style of Interior Design is called 'Biophilic Design'; where we incorporate natural colours, materials and textures into our interior spaces. This Biophillic Design trend will further prevail in 2023, we can expect to see soft greens and pale blues in our furniture catalogues this year, alongside the warm neutral tones which are found commonly in natural materials like wood, wicker and rattan. The 'Neyo' Armchair is a stunning example of how to implement Biophillic Design into a space, the warm tones from the wooden frame contrast beautifully with the olive green upholstery. The garden centre will be like a second home to you this year, as we can expect people to be bringing more greenery into their homes. Moving the outside in is a great way to improve our mindfulness; a healthy, tidy space will mimic a healthy, tidy mind.


Bringing plants and natural, organic materials into our homes is also a great way to be sustainable, just make sure you do your research on material sourcing before you purchase any natural furniture or accessories. The popularity of Biophilic Design is definitely going to help tackle the environmental issues we are currently facing. It is so important to be sustainable when you can; a great bonus to being a continued trend in the year of 2023.

Neutral colours are versatile and easy on the eye, keeping in line with the wellness focus of biophilic design. Our new range of occasional armchairs is a great example of this trend.

Art Deco


One hundred years later and the roaring 20's are back, literally! Art Deco was born during the period of WWI, but really came to life in the 1920's, shortly after the tragic events which came beforehand; a colourful, joyful reaction to the previous art movement: Art Nouveau. Since this movement emerged after a devastating event, it has been treasured and neutered greatly, perhaps this is the spark we need to raise our spirits after a 2 year pandemic. We should expect to see a return of theatrical pieces to brighten our homes this year.


The 'Karly' Side Table has a beautiful art deco patterned carving, this detail, in addition to the gold legs really brings the essence of art deco into this piece. This style combines the elements of Biophilic Design and Art Deco into one piece, the perfect combination for 2023 if you ask us!



Who ever said that modern Interior Design had to be geometric? For so long 'modern' designs have had sharp lines and bold silhouettes, not this year! This year modern will be visually re-defined with cylindrical pieces and rounded corners. Curves are also very natural and organic and can be found in several Art Deco patterns, if you want to tie all these trends together into one design.


There are several ways to introduce curved into your property. You can start small by adding curved handles, cylindrical objects or even a softer aris to your countertops. If you're looking for curved furniture, try the 'Railey' Coffee Table, this table has a gorgeous curved design, offering a soft silhouette to any room. Another great curved choice is the 'Huxby' Round Dining Table, the way the legs meander down is simply stunning, a striking furniture choice for any dining room.

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