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Autumn Trends 2023

What are the interior design trends that will define this season? As summer gives way to autumn, the seasons treat us to a spectacle of change and transition.

18/10/2023 By:

What are the interior design trends that will define this season? As summer gives way to autumn, the seasons treat us to a spectacle of change and transition. Trees prepare for the coming of winter by shedding their leaves and creating a wonderful sight of colour and warmth.

This change can be seen in our everyday fashion as well. We put away our summer clothes and change them for thicker, cosier ones that are more appropriate for the cold weather. The world of interior design follows suit as old trends make way for exciting, new ones.

Some of the styles that emerge are seasonal and will change once more when winter comes. Other ones are here to stay, at least for a while. Every decade has its look – dictated by the furniture and interiors that define it. For the 2010s that was minimalism. It was everywhere, with designers and influencers advocating for clean living spaces and clear minds. Like any other fashion, minimalism had its time and it is slowly muscled out from the spotlight by other trends which are more appealing to the current generation of renters and homeowners.

What are these up-and-coming fashions and how will they influence the interior design of autumn 2023? Since we are at the beginning of the transition they are still being outlined and explored by interior designers, in search of this decade’s definitive look. Read on to learn more about the possible paths that this season reveals to us.

1. 70s Revival


Looking back at the 70s, it becomes increasingly clear that they were one of the best decades for interior design. They were characterised by bold colour schemes, intricate geometric patterns, natural materials and textured fabrics – all aspects of home styling that are popular in the current day. More and more, designers are reaching back to the 70s for inspiration and transferring the laidback, eclectic aesthetic of the past to the current time.


70s trends are easy to incorporate with autumn aesthetics, producing a snug and warm environment that encapsulates the changing of nature. It famously utilises textured fabrics like velvet and boucle to create a captivating style and luxurious feel. These textiles are tactile and soft, establishing an atmosphere of indulgence. An accent piece like our Bella Velvet Chair would be a great addition to any property, due to its retro feel and velvety smoothness.

The 70s were all about colour, leaving a large portfolio of eclectic interiors to draw inspiration from. Giving your property a new splash of paint can bring it in concord with the spirit of autumn. One particular hue that you should be paying attention to is Honey. It is a charming and versatile colour that combines well with other natural elements and materials. Combine it with nightlamps and candles to create a warm home environment.


70s designers created focal points through the use of patterns. The walls were covered in neat wooden planks or rich, fanciful wallpapers. Evocative prints filled up living spaces that were brimming with creativity. The combination of natural elements, patterns and colours gave the 70s their charm. An example of this is our Hadwin Dining Chair with its intricate rattan design.

2. Bloomcore


What is Bloomcore? It is a trend that has been gaining popularity on social media this year, especially on TikTok. It traces its origin to Cottagecore, sharing its floral and nature-centric aesthetics. Unlike its predecessor which aims to recreate the quiet, pastoral feeling of a countryside cottage, Bloomcore is more focused on creating punchy and youthful natural arrangements that are more in line with high-octane city living.


As the name suggests, this trend makes abundant use of flowers and floral patterns. To create Bloomcore interiors you should decorate your flat with colourful bouquets, juxtaposed with dried flowers or plants. This clash of colour and withered fragility will harmonise the interiors with the outdoor autumn aesthetic.

The other key aspect of Bloomcore is the use of vivid, energetic floral patterns. They can give a property that funky eclectic feel and act as visually engaging focal points. One way to introduce them is through the use of patterned window treatments. Roman blinds are the best ones to install as they are thick and dense, often looking like an extra layer of wallpaper or a painting when they are down. Alternatively, going for thicker, high-quality curtains could also enhance your domestic design.


Wallpaper is another stellar option for giving your property that energetic Bloomcore look. It is regaining its popularity because it is extremely versatile and offers beautiful design options for a smaller price than painting patterns and murals on your walls. New designs are emerging regularly, ensuring that your choice will be unique and stand out amongst the competition.

3. Maximalism


Maximalism is back! It is getting increasing attention from the general public who are beginning to move away from the minimalist interiors that seemed to define the 2010s. Both Bloomcore and 70s Revival home designs have a certain level of maximalism at their core. The reason for this growth in popularity is that people are spending more time in their homes and are trying to create spaces that are cosier and more intimate than the utilitarian interiors of the previous decade.


One of the key aspects of maximalism is the use of popping colours and intricate patterns. This makes it the ideal design style to integrate with Bloomcore or 70s interiors. One possible way to implement a maximalist colour scheme is to paint the ceiling as well. This can have multiple possible effects such as making a room feel cosier and smaller or showing off some stylish ceiling details. To introduce some autumnal vibes consider using colours such as soft orange, brick red or peach.

As the weather becomes colder, everybody is getting out their blankets and throws to stay warm. There is another piece of soft furniture which is often forgotten about but can go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere – the rug. A fluffy, colourful one like our Nevila Rug in Burn Orange can elevate a room by adding character and texture. Its softness encourages tenants to relax and walk around barefoot if they prefer. The hue adds rich, autumnal elegance to the lodgings.


Maximalists love eclectic aesthetics. Eccentric and carefully detailed designs demand attention. One easy way to achieve this is by mixing old and new styles, taking something familiar and putting a novel twist on it. By furnishing a house in such a fashion, not only do you give it a homely ambience but you also make it look gorgeous in photos which would drive interest in it even further. Great interior design is the best kind of marketing!

This autumn's home decor trends have the potential to dictate the direction of interior design for years to come. A maximalist, 70s inspired property can remain a fresh sight on the market throughout the entirety of the 2020s.

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