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Feng Shui in Interior Design

Feng shui is a traditional practice that originated in Ancient China over 3000 years ago. It focuses on creating harmony between individuals and their environment and has influenced interior design decisions for millennia. In recent decades, it has gained popularity in Western designs where it is being used to add beauty and balance to homes.

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Incorporating feng shui concepts into your property can enhance its market appeal and make it more attractive to tenants. Its philosophy puts emphasis on soothing, curved shapes and natural colours that are easy on the eyes. This makes it particularly desirable for young professionals who are seeking a cosy and tidy place to live in. It is also marketable to investors who will appreciate the value of a well-designed home.

Our team has over a decade of experience in designing beautiful interiors. We have used feng shui principles as inspiration on multiple projects, providing stunning designs that fly off the rack. If you are interested in incorporating feng shui into your own property, here is some advice about how to utilise it in the different rooms of the house.

Living room

You should start by finding the commanding position of every room – that is the position where you should place the most used and important furniture item. In the living room, this is typically the sofa which should be placed against a wall, with close proximity to it. It should not be facing the entrance or any windows directly, but still have them in clear sight. This not only aligns with feng shui principles about the flow of energy but also maximises natural light and creates a spacious feel. Choose a sofa that is comfortable and not too angular, like the Mickey, which comes in rich natural hues and sleek velvet upholstery, perfect for relaxation and cosiness.

When arranging additional seating, such as armchairs, prioritise positions that encourage conversation. Ensure they have a clear view of the sofa and are positioned close enough for comfortable communication. Our Matty armchair, featuring gentle curves and plush cushioning, is an excellent choice to complement the Mickey sofa. Its exposed wood finishes add a touch of natural warmth, while its orange upholstery offers a delightful contrast to the green of the sofa.

To create a cohesive ensemble, position a coffee table between the two furniture pieces. We recommend the Woody coffee table because of its soft corners and spacious surface. Its elegant wood appearance adds a touch of sophistication and natural charm. To add a pleasant finishing touch, you can adorn the table with a candle or a plant.

Dining Area and Kitchen

When designing the dining area, begin with selecting the table. To align with feng shui principles choose a round or oval-shaped dining table. Huxby, with its creative design, is a great example. It is important to place the table in such a way that it is easily accessible from all sides. Avoid positioning it against a wall, as a round table should not give any diner more importance than the others.

Choose dining chairs that are comfortable to sit in for long periods, stable and with good back support. This encourages tenants to enjoy their meals, engage in conversation and linger at the table. Our Aster and Eira dining chairs exemplify this, with their soft and generously upholstered frames.

The commanding position of the kitchen is the cooking area. The hobs and oven should be placed facing towards the rest of the room, especially in an open-plan kitchen. The area opposite the hobs can be used as a breakfast bar and furnished with practical bar stools like the Harley.

Home Office

The most important piece of furniture in a home office is the desk, therefore it should be placed in the commanding position. It should face the room and be positioned slightly off from the entrance but still keeping it in sight. Keeping workspaces uncluttered and organised is an important aspect of the feng shui philosophy so you will need to choose a desk with built-in storage for stationery and office folders, like our Delilah desk.

For tenants requiring additional storage, an ideal solution is a narrow chest of drawers like the Bali. It offers ample room for office supplies while occupying minimal space in the home office.


The bedroom holds a significant place in feng shui, serving as a space dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation. The key furniture item in it is the bed, which should be carefully placed and furnished to promote harmony and comfort. Pay special attention to the headboard, ensuring it is soft and comfortable, without sharp edges. Our recommended choice is the Michelle bed, featuring its own upholstered headboard in a soothing Burnt Orange colour which creates a harmonious ambience.

Maintaining symmetry in the bedroom is essential, from using matching pillows and throw cushions to the bedside tables. This fosters a sense of tranquillity which helps calm the mind. For the bedside tables, we suggest the Willow lamp table with its wooden accents and round design. However, if additional storage is desired, the Casey lamp table would be an ideal choice to provide tenants with some extra space.

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