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Fall back into Autumn Trends!

Now that we are heading into the cosier months, it’s time to look at what the autumn interior design trends are this year. Autumn is the courageous season of harvest; prepping for the abundance of the cooler months yet to come. In that spirit, let’s take a stroll down autumnal road and explore the styles this season holds.

The Neotenic Art Style


This autumn is all about combining playful characteristics with the bohemian chic look, otherwise known as the neotenic art style. Neotenic style offers the perfect combination of contemporary design and natural, organic aesthetics, which is exactly the tone of voice that has been set for the autumn trends this year. Enhance your property with the warm charm of outdoor life this autumn.


Simply add these bulky, curvaceous statement pieces into your space for an instant neotenic look; the ‘Railey’ Coffee Table is a top pick for neotenic design this autumn, add bold, minimal structures to contribute to this modern art style. Pair this design with an earthy colour palette, like warm green and walnut brown and use natural materials for an authentic look and feel; the ‘Neyo’ Armchair in ‘Green Leather’ or ‘Vintage Brown Leather’ are the optimum choices.

Unsymmetrical and Organic


Relax! This season, perfection is overrated, so enjoy the creative freedom which comes with nature’s way: unsymmetrical and organic. This doesn’t mean your space has to be cluttered and unorganised, simply bespoke. Try using products with wood or wooden veneer, each patterned grain is unique, and the warm brown colour is perfect for the autumnal months. The ‘Willow’ Lamp Table is a perfect choice. The curvaceous structure of this table has a natural aesthetic, curves and nature go hand in hand.


Another great way to create an unsymmetrical, unique design within your property is craft a light statement by hanging multiple bulbs from the ceiling and different heights and/ or lengths. The organic crafted look is an ideal way to create a bespoke, natural design in a space.

Lights on!


With the clocks about to go back an hour, lighting is going to become an essential in the upcoming weeks. So many people treat lighting as a function alone, which is of course an important necessity, especially during these darker months, but lighting can act as a work of art. Consider styling a room with a grand chandelier; make a statement. If this is too theatrical for your space, consider a sculptured table lamp with a compelling base, such as the ‘Zela’ Table Lamp.


If you are feeling particularly creative, contemplate a sunset lamp for your property’s bedroom space, this latest TikTok interior design trend is the perfect item for any autumnal space. The warm glow, as stated in the name, mimics a gorgeous sunset glow, the perfect colour to create a cosy atmosphere this autumn.

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