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Summer Furnishings 2022: Bring the Outdoors In!

Now that Summer is here, we can open our doors and our windows and enjoy the extra room that come with the sunny weather. To those of us who are lucky enough to have a garden, we can expect to be spending a lot more time outside this summer, but don’t worry if you don’t have a garden because this year the summer trends are focused on bringing the outdoors in.

Stone or Stone look Alike


Stone is one of the most natural and sustainable materials out there, our planet is literally one massive rock, making it the roots of nature. There are so many different types of stone furnishings you can get to create a clean and natural space. Polished stone is a simple way to create the illusion of splendour in a space, it doesn’t even have to cost you massive amounts of money either as you can use simple décor pieces such as: stone coasters or stone plant pots to add this element into a room.


Stone is a non-renewable resource, meaning it won’t regenerate for millions of years once it is gone. Despite the planet having immense amounts of stone, you can use stone look-alike materials instead which are also more affordable. The Otter Coffee Table is the perfect stone look-alike furniture piece that you can bring to your client’s space, we recommend placing plants or candles on top to give the room a relaxing, natural atmosphere.

The Colour Green


Green is the colour of nature, representing wellbeing and health: two vital elements to have in a positive space. This summer, green is trending and said to be the colour of summer 2022 and it’s no secret why; the colour green really does bring the outdoors in, whether this be through furniture, paint, or accessories. An inexpensive way to bring life and greenery into your client’s space is to add plants, there is no piece of furniture more natural than the common house plant; it is such an effective way to implement the colour green.


What shades of green are trendy in Summer 2022?


Good question! It seems the cyan hues of green are rising in popularity this summer; the Mickey 3 Seat Sofa has a gorgeous shade of emerald-green in a soft velvet upholstery, a classy and luxurious way of bringing outdoor vibes to a space. The shade of green in the Quartz Sideboard is also very in vogue at the moment; a very blue green definitely adds a natural accent to a room.



Curvy furniture is a mimicry of nature, the thing that’s so perfect about nature is its imperfection, nothing is naturally straight or geometric on our beautiful planet. These curves add movement to a space and are a great way to add juxtaposition to the harsh geometrics of a room. You can add curves through almost anything, including: chairs, tables, sofas and even décor.


The Railey Side Table offers gorgeous, unique curves and breaks the unspoken rules of four legs and a tabletop. Despite the soft silhouette of this stylish round side table, it makes a perfect focal point in modern living rooms. We have the perfect curvaceous sofa, which is available in 2 sizes and as an armchair – the Swiss 2 Seat Sofa. The design of this series is simply elegant and is perfect for any modern or traditional space.

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