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Case Study - Waterfront Show Flat

Waterfront offers luxurious and affordable living at a new riverside community in Chatham.

Waterfront offers luxurious and affordable living at a new riverside community in Chatham.


Waterfront Chatham Medway is a development project located in Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom. The project aims to transform the former naval dockyard into a modern, vibrant waterfront destination for residents and visitors alike, and includes the development of new residential, commercial, and leisure facilities, as well as the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of public spaces. These 1 and 2 bedroom homes offer a modern and spacious living experience, just 40 minutes from the heart of London.


Our talented interior designers who worked on the Waterfront Chatham Medway development project were tasked with creating stylish, modern, and welcoming interiors that reflected the unique character of the waterfront location in Chatham. Working closely with the development team, we focused on selecting high-quality furniture that would meet the functional needs of the new residential spaces, while also adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the destination.

In the residential spaces, we chose a range of comfortable seating areas, stylish tables (Railey Collection) and chairs, and relaxing beds accompanied by soft cushions, throws and smart storage bedsides (Jewel Double Bedside), all designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and residents. It was important that, we selected furniture that was both stylish and functional, so we chose modern storage solutions to hide clutter and keep things organised in the apartments. In addition to the functional considerations, we also paid close attention to the aesthetic aspects of the interior design, using natural tones, bright colours, and artful lighting and d├ęcor to create a sense of warmth and character.


Overall, our goal was to create interiors that would contribute to the overall appeal and success of the Waterfront Chatham Medway development project, and help create a vibrant, sustainable waterfront destination for the local community and visitors alike.

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