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Designing a Student Accommodation Space

With students currently on their summer holidays, now is the perfect time to design or re-design student accommodation spaces for the next year of students enrolling into university. When it comes to furnishing student accommodation, you must be clever with space and consider the number of students living in the accommodation.




The dorm room is quite possibly the most important part of a student accommodation, as this is where a student will spend a vast majority of their time. It is vital that every student dorm room is repleted with all the relevant necessities. Since dorm rooms are usually on the smaller side, you need to be smart with your placements of furniture and optimise your furnishings. A great way to do this is by adding storage into the furniture; The Abigail Double Divan Bed is perfect. This bed offers lots of storage and you can select the best option to optimise your storage by choosing from an end lift, side lift or drawers storage system in this bed. The padded headboard also brings extra comfort into the room, which is always a great plus. The Cotta Bed is another great option to use for dorm rooms, there is plenty of room underneath which can be used to store boxes and alludes a larger space.


Quite often it is best to design a student dorm room with bespoke furniture, especially for the desk and storage area. If for some reason this isn’t possible then you need to rethink your options and maximise the space with smart decisions. Although not ideal to work on for long time periods, for smaller dorm rooms try the Tilly Shelving Unit Desk, as this desk provides shelves to store books and other student essentials. A durable, practical bedside table is a must-have student dorm room item. The Saffron 2 Drawer Bedside is the ideal choice, offering storage and a wipe-clean surface.




You may be wondering why ‘Dorm Room Accessories’ is something to be concerned about when the student will fill the room with all their belongings. Whilst this is true, there are certain pieces of décor which are needed to help students utilise their space, a notice board is a great example. With all the rules of minimal decoration in a dorm room, putting a quality notice board up in allows students to personalise their rooms with photos, posters, and lists; a practical and charismatic element to bring into the dorm room. Another decorative furnishing which is essential in a dorm room is a mirror, we suggest a long length mirror, like the Soraya Dress Mirror for both practicality purposes and creating the allusion of a larger space in a small dorm room.




Designing the core living space in a student accommodation space is usually a lot simpler than designing the dorm room, despite the number of individuals which will be sharing this space. A sofa is arguably the most crucial piece in the student living space. A budget sofa is often the way to go when furnishings student accommodation, as students are known for their reckless lifestyles and furniture is easily damaged as a result. The Josie 2.5 Seat Sofa is a sensible choice, the dark charcoal fabric will hide stains and the linen fabric is more durable than alternative materials. If the living space has the square footage, we recommend two sofas per living space, to encourage social gatherings in student halls.

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