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The Best Mattress to Buy in Bulk

A good night’s sleep is unnegotiable; the best chance of a productive day ahead is by sleeping on a comfortable, relaxing mattress. After all, you spend roughly a third of your life on a mattress. How do you choose the perfect mattress? There are several types of mattresses to choose from, from soft to firm and memory foam to springs; it is important to choose a diverse selection, so your client has their first-choice mattress. At Base Furnishings, we can provide you with an array of options, a necessary factor when bulk buying mattresses.


Soft Mattresses


A soft mattress is often a popular choice, soft mattresses will compress easily when pressure is applied. Memory foam mattresses offer a soft and comfortable feel, moulding the shape of the user into itself, offering excellent support for those who sleep on their side. Soft mattresses aren’t as long lasting as firmer mattresses, as mattresses become softer overtime and lose their structure, so an already soft mattress is less durable. However, mattresses should be replaced every 6-8 years so this isn’t a big issue. We recommend a pocket memory foam mattress, for soft comfort and higher durability. The ‘Bounce’ mattress is the perfect soft mattress which provides excellent support and spreads the users weight evenly. Since the springs in this mattress are wrapped individually in fabric, the springs can move individually, this means there is less chance of feeling movement through the mattress, making it the ideal choice for couples. Another great soft mattress choice is the ‘Balmy’ mattress, which comes with a pocket foam pillow top for added comfort and cushioning.

Firm Mattresses


Firm mattresses are perfect for lower back support, making it a great option for those who sleep on their back. Firm mattresses are much more versatile and inclusive for everyone, as firm mattresses can be made softer with mattress toppers. For this reason alone, it is a great option to purchase when furnishings client homes, as they can choose to make a softer mattress if they need to. As we mentioned before, the firmer the mattress, the more durable it is which is a great bonus when buying mattresses in bulk. The ‘Comfy’ mattress is a great firm mattress which is made with pocket springs which conform to the shape of the body.

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