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Maximalism! The New Minimalism?

Summer is right around the corner, along with our old friend – colour! Is maximalism going to take over the beloved Scandinavian minimalism that we have all come to know and love? Lets find out!


What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is bold, it’s colourful but mostly it’s daring, more is more when it comes to maximalist trends. Maximalism quite often involves eclecticism, an architectural style which incorporates a variety of different styles and elements in a space; a revitalisation after the carefully constructed rules of minimalism we have been following for so long. Now that maximalism has made its way into ‘#trending’, we can go wild with colours, patterns, shapes and prints; the key to beautiful maximalism is striking a balance between these elements.



There is a very individual personality which come with Maximalism, which creates a more homely atmosphere in a space.

“[Maximalists] don’t regard clutter as a collection of items, but rather as a collection of things they enjoy” – Paige Anderson: Interior Designer

What could be more enjoyable and rewarding than sentimental pieces being proudly displayed in your client’s space? Let’s look at some of the best ways to incorporate maximalism into a room:

Prints, Textures and Patterns


At Base furnishings we have an immense variety of eccentric patterns and bold prints, in lots of different textures. Adding a patterned cushion such as the Myrrh Cushion with contrasting textures like leather or linen, will create an inviting atmosphere in a room, bringing life and energy through the bold textural highlights.


Striking art pieces like the Bloom Print is another fantastic way to be daring with your interior design, adding pops of intense colour and pattern to your client's space. Our bloom print is gorgeous, the rich petal hues and abstract brushstrokes bring a summery warmth and a dramatic character to an otherwise blank wall, completely successive to the maximalist trends. Prints also give personality and sentimentality to a room, this is something which is very prominent in maximalism, so be sure to choose your art prints carefully for your client’s space.


Most of the time repetition is avoided in Interior Design, too much of the same thing can be boring or appear cluttered, but not with maximalism. Repetition is a great way to introduce quirky patterns to a space, the trick is knowing how to execute these repetitions in a tasteful way. A great example of using repetition correctly would be to stick to a theme or colour palette, for example: if you use a floral wallpaper, use other floral accents to compliment this design choice.



Bright and vivid colours are almost essential in a maximalist space. To avoid chaotic rainbow blurs, we advise sticking to the colour rule of three; three colours which complement each other at the same saturation point. If you are safer with your core furnishings, (sofas, tables, chairs etc…) then it is easier to add in further colours through your home décor. The Matty Chair is the perfect example of a maximalist chair, it has a lush orange hue and a contrasting wooden structure; this item could be paired with the Multi Nevila Rug.


One of our talented interior designers has created a mood board demonstrating these items in a maximalist space. The opposing colours such as blue and orange which are hard to pair together, work nicely through maximalism - the Lilly 3 Seat Sofa and Matty Chair especially.

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