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Spring Forward: Q2 Trends 2022

Finally! The season of new beginnings and growth is upon us, and this year the spring bloom is prettier than ever. Want to know the latest spring interior design trends? Don't worry, we've got it covered.

Biophilic Design


Now that Winter is finally over, we can open our windows and let the fresh scent of spring into our homes. With that in mind, our first design trend is Biophilic Design; a design style which connects a space to nature.


There are several ways to bring nature into your home, the obvious one would be to open the windows and and let the natural light flood into your space. Light adds such a gorgeous, natural dynamic to a room, making it feel fresh and clean. Our Curtain and Blinds Service is perfect for increasing light into a room.


You can maximise the feel of nature into a space by decorating with house plants. House plants don't only look lush and organic but they give you a sense of wellbeing; purifying the air around you and bringing life and joy to a room.


Another way you can craft a biophilic design into a room is by using natural, sustainable materials, such as: bamboo, wood, rattan and stone. These materials compliment the outdoors and offer an organic lifestyle that so many people find refreshing in their environments. The Hadwin Dining Chair is a simple yet organic product, the main material being rattan, that comes as a set of two.

The Colour Brown


Yes, you read that right, the colour Brown is officially trending this spring!


Athena Calderone makes the colour brown seem exciting and fresh:


“Neutrals will take a bit of a back seat in 2022 as people start to experiment with color again, but the palette will stay very close to hues you’d find in nature. We predict paint rollers will be dipped in rosy, terracotta tones, swathing rooms from wall to ceiling for a complete monochromatic moment that envelops you in its coziness.” - Athena Calderone


There are several ways you can add the colour brown to a space, such as: wooden furniture, paint, artwork and decor. I reccommend simple decor pieces like wooden jewllery boxes, rattan photo frames, amber candle jars or cushions, such as the Midas Cushion in terracotta or statment pieces like the Caz Armchair in tan faux leather.

Leather Upholstery


According to Vogue, Leather Upholstery is a trending Interior Design asset this spring.


Leather upholstered seating can look incredibly luxurious and sleek in hotel seating areas like resturants and receptions. It is also very easy to clean and durable, making it a great choice to implement this spring in any communal or residential space. Leather looks beautiful when it is used to upholster armchairs for lounge areas too. The Neyo Armchair is a gorgeous example of a high-quality leather upholstered chair; it is also incredibly comfortable to sit back and relax in after a long day at the office.


Leather is a natural material; complimentary to the previous two spring trends. However, have you ever thought about substituting leather for faux leather? It is much better for the environment and it is cost effect but best of all it looks almost identical to real leather. The Buddy Upholstered Bench uses faux leather to add charm and sophisication to any dining space.

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