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Rita 3 Seat Sofa

Rita 3 Seat Sofa

£762.00 inc vat

The Rita 3 Seat Sofa is a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, with a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design. Its cushions are thick and firm, made with foam and ideal for long periods of sitting. Its legs are round and tapered, made from wood and with a ring like bulge in the middle which gives them a retro look. The armrests of the sofa are round and firm, with a thick-ribbed stitch effect from top to bottom which creates an engaging pattern and gives the furniture extra character. The upholstery is made from Como fabric which is durable and textured. It features a mixture of light grey and brown threads which combine to form a beige/mink appearance from a short distance. The throw cushions come with the sofa as a set.

Dimension | L: 195cm | H: 92cm | D: 92cm

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