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Lara L-Shape (RH) Sofa

Lara L-Shape (RH) Sofa In Grey Fabric With Black Legs

£1,884.00 inc vat
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Soul Grey, Black Legs
Soul Antracit, Black Legs
Soul Dark Green, Black Legs
Soul Antracit, Oak Legs
Soul Grey, Oak Legs
Soul Dark Green, Oak Legs

The Lara L-shape Sofa in Grey Fabric is the ultimate modern furniture to have in a newly-built BTR flat. With its modern, straight lines and minimalist design it can fit in with just about any accent piece you want to pair it with. Its style only tells half of the story, however, because this is one truly comfortable sofa. It was built with human ergonomics in mind with the seat cushions being slightly firmer, to take the full weight of the body and the backrests being soft and spongy, ready to engulf whoever leans back into them. The armrests are padded and high, providing excellent arm support. The legs are round and made from metal, they give the sofa a contemporary aesthetic. The chaise lounge is located on the right side and is ideal for chilling in front of the TV or sitting down with a laptop to work from home for a couple of hours. If you are looking for a versatile L-shaped sofa, look no further than this one.

Dimension W: 225cm | H: 79cm | D: 140cm