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Renting: The Cost-of-Living Crisis

It’s no secret that the cost-of-living prices have rapidly increased over the past few months, which is becoming progressively problematic as we are still recovering from the financial crisis in 2008. This crisis has meant millennials and Gen Z have had limited options for property purchasing; renting is slightly easier option in this financial predicament. These generations have adapted quickly into the use of rental services, renting their entertainment, music, cars etc… So why not rent a property too? Especially when it is going to offer independence and the opportunity to move out of the family home.

Why a Furnished Property is Perfect during the Financial Crisis?


In these tough times we recommend renting a property which is already furnished, this way there is no need to splash the cash on furniture that you will eventually throw away, these expenses can be saved for when buying later down the line. In the meantime, Base Furnishings can provide a fully furnished property, we offer everything from large furnishings such as sofas and beds to smaller furnishings like décor and kitchenware.


By renting a fully furnished property, tenants can move in straight away without waiting weeks for multiple furniture deliveries, as all the installation is done directly through us, which is offers a hassle-free experience for all landlords, estate agents and property developers who use our services. Furnishing your properties to rent is a great way to be sustainable too, as this furniture can be re-used for new tenants coming in.

Build To Rent


Now we have established that renting is the only option for a vast majority of the younger generation, we can assume that build to rent is the perfect option for first time renters. Build to rent properties are a development which have been built specifically to be rented and not bought. Quite often these developments are managed by one landlord and there are over 50 homes to be rented.


Build to rent properties aren’t just a home, but a community to live in, as these developments often offer dining areas and entertainment spaces; perks are given to help with the cost-of-living crisis which is making these developments more appealing. Base Furnishing’s creative team can collaborate with build to rent developers, to fulfil the perfect concepts and designs for these spaces, making them inclusive and practical for all during these hard times.

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