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Marketing Team


Marketing Manager

Kenny is our Marketing and Communications Manager. He has worked at Base Furnishings since October 2023 and his duties include spearheading the company’s marketing strategy, overseeing all external communications such as our brand’s image and messaging, ensuring the timely delivery of marketing projects and optimising the performance of marketing campaigns to maximise results.

Kenny has over 7 years of experience in regional and global marketing. He lived in Hong Kong until March 2023 where he worked at several fintech and telecom companies. He successfully spearheaded global B2B and integrated marketing campaigns, led regional marketing initiatives and enacted marketing communication strategies. These jobs have helped Kenny gain a wealth of experience in forging strong partnerships, managing projects and campaigns, and driving sales growth through marketing initiatives. He brings this important set of skills to his new position at Base Furnishings.

Outside of work, Kenny strives to make a positive impact on society and his community seeking new avenues for contributing and bringing about meaningful change. He enjoys engaging in outdoor activities and sports in his free time. He likes to stay updated on the latest advancements in technology, firmly believing that it has the potential to enhance people’s lives.

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Content Creator Supervisor

Becky is a talented content creator at Base Furnishings, where she brings her unique creative and visual thinking skills to the table. She is a problem solver who thrives on finding innovative solutions to design and marketing challenges, and her expertise in graphic design has been honed through her studies at university.


As part of her role at Base Furnishings, Becky is responsible for designing all visual content for the company's website and social media channels, ensuring that their online presence is engaging and visually appealing. She also offers creative marketing solutions to help drive the company's growth.


Outside of work, Becky enjoys travelling and drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures and landscapes she encounters. She is a passionate Nintendo gamer, and loves to unwind by exploring virtual worlds and immersing herself in engaging storylines. In all aspects of her life, Becky is a true creative at heart, living in her magical kingdom of design.

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Digital Text Content Supervisor

Stoyo is our Digital Text Content Supervisor. He looks after all written content for the company’s website and social media, making sure that it reads easily and is engaging to our clients. He spends his workdays writing and editing articles and product descriptions for our website to ensure that our services are marketed properly and reach their target audience.

Stoyo has always been a creative person at heart, making up and telling stories since his early childhood. After graduating high school in Bulgaria he chose to study abroad and enrolled at university in England. He has an undergraduate degree in English Literature with Creative Writing and has used it to pursue a career as a freelance copywriter before joining the team at Base Furnishings.

Stoyo keeps on writing in his free time. He is an avid reader of sci-fi novels and hopes to one day write a book of his own. In the meantime, he works on short stories – imagining strange new worlds and filling them with unique characters. When he is not writing he likes to take long walks around parks and museums.

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