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Stoyo is our Digital Text Content Supervisor. He looks after all written content for the company’s website and social media, making sure that it reads easily and is engaging to our clients. He spends his workdays writing and editing articles and product descriptions for our website to ensure that our services are marketed properly and reach their target audience.

Stoyo has always been a creative person at heart, making up and telling stories since his early childhood. After graduating high school in Bulgaria he chose to study abroad and enrolled at university in England. He has an undergraduate degree in English Literature with Creative Writing and has used it to pursue a career as a freelance copywriter before joining the team at Base Furnishings.

Stoyo keeps on writing in his free time. He is an avid reader of sci-fi novels and hopes to one day write a book of his own. In the meantime, he works on short stories – imagining strange new worlds and filling them with unique characters. When he is not writing he likes to take long walks around parks and museums.

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