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Case Study: The Power of Designer Show Homes

Investing in a beautifully dressed show home is a proven way to boost profits from selling your properties. A meticulously designed space will captivate potential buyers and help them visualise their lives in it, making them more likely to purchase and elevating your property above the competition.

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The Impact of Thoughtful Furniture Placement

Every furniture item in a show home plays a pivotal role in shaping a viewer’s perception of the space. A successful show home will feature style and consideration in every piece and combine them all to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Well-furnished properties command an average of 8% higher prices than unfurnished ones. That is why entrusting your property to a talented interior designer with a proven track record is essential.


Comprehensive Furnishing and Design Services

At Base Furnishings we know how to furnish properties that sell, how to position furniture in a way that maximises space, what accessories and decorations to pick to tell an engaging and effective story and how to photograph the property to make it stand out in the market. When you work with us you get the full package – from full space planning and mood boards to furniture, design and marketing, all under one roof and overseen by a dedicated project manager.

Furthermore, we offer extra services such as bespoke, in-house window dressings, flooring and decorating such as wallpaper and painting. We are experienced with all budgets – from the Build to Rent Sector and view units to high-end show flats for residential developments and the dress to sell market.

Read on to learn more about our previous work to produce a stunning showhouse in Beaconsfield or contact us to start preparing your property for the market now.

Case Study


Beaconsfield Show Home Transformation


The property we were tasked to turn into a show home was a six-bedroom house in the scenic town of Beaconsfield, a location where the average price of houses was £1,163,271 in 2023 according to Rightmove. We knew we had to use only top quality furniture that would fit and justify the hefty price tag.


We sought to highlight the house’s best-selling aspects such as size and the affluence of the location. Using large and in some cases over-sized furniture we showcased the spaciousness of the rooms. We did not furnish the whole house but we ensured that enough of the rooms were decorated and that each of them told a compelling story.

Room-Specific Strategies for Stellar First Impressions

The family room shines with a thoughtfully designed layout featuring a spacious corner sofa that provides ample seating for family and guests, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The sofa designates an area for sitting, relaxing and spending quality time. We enhanced that image further by introducing soft fabric and round-cornered furniture around the central sofa. Adjacent to the seating area is a stylish dining table that serves as a functional centrepiece for meals and gatherings. This area is designed to complement the overall aesthetic of the room, seamlessly blending with the décor while offering a practical space for dining and socialising. Together the corner sofa and dining table create a harmonious and versatile family room that balances comfort and style.


On the opposite side of the room, three high stools stand against the kitchen island creating a separate social corner, isolating the rest of the room and carving out an intimate area for smaller groups of people. The stools face the cooking area emphasising the performative nature of cooking for small audiences.

Adjacent to the large family room sits a smaller, more intimate reception room. It is designed with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, incorporating trendy materials like boucle to add rich texture and visual interest. This textured fabric contrasts beautifully with sleek, polished surfaces such as a glass coffee table and metal light fixtures, creating a balanced look that is both inviting and contemporary. The overall design seamlessly integrates these elements to create a stylish and welcoming space that reflects current design trends while maintaining a timeless appeal.

In the master bedroom, we aimed for an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, utilising delicate fabrics such as velvet and striking pieces such as the long headboard. The velvet used for the bedspread and throw pillows adds a sumptuous and opulent feel to the space with its soft texture. The long headboard, upholstered in matching velvet, extends beyond the boundaries of the bed across the wall, creating a grand and elegant focal point that enhances the room’s sense of indulgence. At the foot of the bed, two occasional armchairs form a small cosy nook around a round side table. Together with a pouffe, they are upholstered in a soft, woolly boucle, further elevating the feeling of a quiet, cushy retreat that makes the master bedroom stand out.

The second bedroom was designed with bold and luxurious materials that create an opulent and sophisticated ambience. The centrepiece of the room is a tall, bespoke headboard, flanked by elegant gold luxury mirrors on each side, adding a touch of glamour and enhancing the sense of space. Walnut bedside tables and desk introduce a rich, warm tone with their deep wood grain providing a striking contrast to the room’s other elements. Marble table lamps complete the luxurious look, sitting atop the bedside tables and casting a soft, refined glow. Together, these high-end materials and carefully selected accents create a bedroom that is both visually stunning and invitingly comfortable – a memorable scene that visitors will think back on when deciding to buy the house.

Overall Property Enhancement

Throughout the property, we introduced themes of serenity and affluence, giving potential buyers fabrics that are pleasant to touch and beautiful to look at. We introduced pleasant scents throughout the house with the use of diffusers and candles. The interiors were expertly curated to be memorable and convince any viewer that this should be the house they will invest in. By paying close attention to details and making sure every room told a story and utilised space properly we helped bring this property to the next level, increasing the opportunities and returns of our client.


Ready to maximise your property’s profits?

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