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PLATFORM_ Build to Rent

Throughout the course of 2023, we furnished over 500 flats at 3 new to launch BTR developments for PLATFORM_ that spanned the whole of Great Britain. Starting with Cardiff where we furnished 110 units then Sheffield in autumn where 181 units were installed and ending in Glasgow in winter where we completed 263.

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The Project

The three developments share a similar selection of furniture, allowing them to streamline the procurement process and focus on being competitive in the rental market. Base Furnishings is an expert in delivering competitive, robust interiors for the BTR sector which we have serviced for many years, making us the ideal for this project.

The Client


PLATFORM_ is a fully integrated investor, developer, asset manager, and operator of professionally managed, institutional-quality BTR properties across the UK. The company’s vertically integrated structure enables it to leverage synergies across the entire value chain: acquisition, planning, development, asset management, and property management. Founded in 2016, PLATFORM_ was the first to deliver a branded concept of institutional-quality BTR neighbourhoods across the UK, and now has an operational portfolio and development pipeline of 4,000 apartments with a total gross value exceeding £1 billion, spanning England, Wales and Scotland.

The Brief


Even though the 3 developments would share similar furniture, each building had its own unique challenges. Their location was one of them, with a development in Wales, England and Scotland. Another one was the size and proportions of rooms, with every development having a unique layout and requiring attention from our interior designers.

There were, of course, some important similarities. All buildings were at a coveted, central location within their respective cities. They were all designed to attract a certain demographic of residents – professionals who wish to live close to transport links and local amenities.



Our Approach


We created 2 distinct furniture packages that reflected the feel of the developments and appealed to their target demographic. Both the Standard and Premium packs were designed to attract residents and inspire them to turn their new apartment into a place where they can feel at home. We made use of neutral colours and timeless designs to ensure PLATFORM_’s developments retained their appeal for a long time. To further future-proof the design we selected durable pieces with high Martindale count – meaning they are scratch-resistant and wouldn’t get worn down easily by residents’ pets. Years of experience with the BTR sector have given us the know-how to select the best, cost-effective furnishings to attract occupiers and withstand multiple tenancies.


Each development was completed separately and had different delivery and installation requirements. Our flexible approach allowed us to meet PLATFORM_’s requirements for timely, well-organised deliveries. At Cardiff, we furnished 110 flats in batches, between August 2022 and September 2023 as new flats became available. We installed 181 flats in Sheffield over the course of 3 weeks in autumn 2023 and finished the year by furnishing 263 flats in Glasgow in 4 weeks. Supplying these three developments was our largest project to date as we delivered and installed 554 flats out of which 54 Studios, 298 1-beds, 182 2-beds and 20 3-beds.

Over the course of the project we delivered and installed:


554 Sofas and Dining Tables
1552 Dining Chairs
776 Beds and Mattresses
1386 Bedsides


Interior Design


We want to provide furniture that allows a resitent’s creativity to shine through. Everybody has a style and an idea of what their home should look like. A good interior must allow choice and be versatile. For that reason, we focused on neutral hues when selecting the core furniture for the job. They are practical and can be used as the foundation for various interior styles.

We designed and dressed show flats at every development. They were the perfect tool for online marketing, providing stunning photographs for ads and serving as the place where visitors would get their first impression of the development. We chose all decorations and extra touches with care, keeping in mind the target demographic. The end results are 3 stunning show flats that appeal to renters and give them an idea of what their new home could look like once they have moved in and made it their own.


Challenges and Solutions


With buildings in Cardiff, Sheffield and Glasgow this project presented us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our ability to plan precise deliveries across the UK at competitive prices. Using innovative logistics and having an on-site team allowed us to install each development in a timely manner while keeping our high installation standards and delivering an immaculate end product.


With 554 units to deliver throughout the year across 3 cities and 4 apartment blocks, we had to lean into our proven and effective procurement tactics to ensure we had all core items available according to schedule. As with all our BTR projects we procured a 10% excess of stock allowing us to mitigate any production and logistics bottlenecks. This extra stock also helps us maintain the interiors of the developments in the future and allows us to do quick replenishments of worn or broken products when the time arises.

There was a storm in Sheffield on the final installation day which flooded parts of the city and tested our resolve. With the end in sight, our hardened delivery team solidified their hero status by ensuring all the furniture was brought safely indoors and the project was finalised on schedule. A similar trial presented itself a few weeks later when we were up in Glasgow and had to deal with heavy rain and snow during the offloading stages of installation. Once again, our team rose to the challenge and we were able to deliver the full 263 units on time, within a 4-week frame.



Results and Success Metrics


PLATFORM_ in Cardiff has been open for renters for more than a year, while Sheffield and Glasgow have been taking in occupants for several months. The feedback from residents has been stellar and all 3 developments have received great reviews on Google, with residents praising the helpful staff and the quality of life at each development site.

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