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Woman. Life. Freedom.

On 16th September, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed by police because she didn’t have the proper head scarf, as it is compulsory for women to wear a Hijab in Iran. The movement started at her funeral, when her family started to shout, woman life freedom.

We must come together to raise global awareness and create visibility for the female-led protests and excessive police violence taking place as Iranian women demand for their basic human rights. Base stand with the women of Iran in their fight for freedom.

People have been cutting their hair in support of the movement; something women did at Masha Amini’s funeral. Since then, many activists, feminists and celebrities have started to shave or cut their hair to support the Iranian women.

Our hearts are with all the brave Iranian people. We are standing strong inside and outside of Iran, with the courageous Iranian women, who are fighting for freedom and rights. Let our voice be heard and amplified for a better future and better world.

Woman. Life. Freedom.

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