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Be Inspired – Going Green

In a fast-moving world of digital media, design trends and furniture styles are becoming more popular than they ever have been with renter suitors.

Furniture is a key focal point, that captivates each development and adds a fresh approach and new concept of lifestyle to the Build To Rent market.

Going Green - Decor for 2021

With Build to Rent stock having surged 135% over the last 4 years and completions expected to double by 2025, furniture is one of the key factors to distinguish between general rental stock.

Our Head Designer Julie Bost explains why Summer is the perfect opportunity to switch up your décor and go green; 

Green colour schemes are hugely popular and a big trend for 2021 and bring fresh, positive energy into the home.

With its silvery undertones, Sage green puts an elegant twist on traditional green, creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere in the home. It is subtle enough to be neutral but powerful enough to set the mood in a space.

With many of us more focused on our health and wellbeing than ever since the pandemic, Julie goes on to say; 

As our mentality now has changed, we are looking to collaborate our living space and our health. Science is showing that just looking at something green can decrease heart rate and alleviate stress. Whether it is in paint, tiles, rugs or clothes, the colours are popping everywhere.

Spotted mid-century, 60s inspired décor splashed all over social media? Julie explains why this has been and remains a timeless influence, that will stay in homes for many years to come.

Mid Century and the Bauhaus influence still remains as a major trend throughout the years. It is still styling developments, hotels, restaurants, bars and penthouses. We can never get enough of the retro shapes and lines, tones and natural woods this style brings into our interiors. This timeless movement is now the biggest «likes» maker with more than 7 million posts on Instagram. Some pieces will never go old like the Eames Chair, the Saarinen Table, The Wassily Chair etc....

Green is easy on the eyes, evokes a sense of positivity and freshness, and creates a calm yet secure environment. The ideal colour scheme to apply to your Build to Rent.

For more information, or to discuss design ideas, please contact Head Designer Julie on



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