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The Rejuvenation of Elephant and Castle

Elephant and Castle has become the ground zero for one of London's largest rejuvenation projects. Read on to learn more about it and the opportunities it offers:

21/07/2023 By:

Nestled in the heart of London, Elephant & Castle is an area rich with history and culture. It was an important junction during Roman times, acting as the gateway to ancient Londinium. During the Victorian era, it became a thriving commuter suburb, then transformed again in the early 20th century. It was the hub for a flourishing entertainment scene which earned it the title of The Piccadilly of the South. The modern name of the area originated from the eponymous pub which has been operating in the area since the 18th century.

Nowadays the area is in the process of turning yet another chapter in its long history. It is undergoing a 15-year, £4 billion rejuvenation, with the borough of Southwark seeking to modernise the neighbourhood and get it up to date with the 21st century and the decades to come. The new developments aim to create around 5000 new and replacement homes and thousands of new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities. The bulk of those homes will come from two big projects – Elephant Park and The Town Centre.

Elephant Park is a mixed-use development that will create around 3000 homes and a major new park in central London. It is set to complete in 2025 it aims to be a climate-positive place to live. To achieve that goal it will have a heat and power plant on site that will deliver zero-carbon heating and hot water to all new homes, making them more energy efficient and exceeding current regulatory requirements. The development strives to preserve the local spirit of the area while also being welcoming to any newcomers who might be attracted to it.

Nearby The Town Centre is undergoing a major facelift as well. The Tube station is being modernised, a new campus for UAL has been completed and nearly 1000 homes for rent are under construction. Elsewhere in the borough a new leisure centre and a library have been constructed along with many other venues that seek to serve the community and improve the wellbeing of the locals.

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