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How to Optimise a WFH Space!

Despite exiting the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new norm, with 20% of UK workers preferring to work completely remote and 55% of UK workers favouring hybrid work. With such a vast number of people working from home at least 1 day of the working week, we think it is important to arrange your home office space the right way.

Most people don’t realise that their workspace has a massive impact on their performance and productivity, however studies show you can keep these levels high and consistent by dedicating a space to work-related activities; ultimately reducing your distractions and increasing your focus.



When designing a space, whether this be a flat, a house or a bungalow, it is important to get an Interior Designer to help you optimise your floorspace to make the most of the precious square metres that you have.


If you’re in the 20% of people which work from home every day, then we recommend having a separate room or closed off space to work in. If your space is limited, you can fashion a made-up room by using a curtain or a partition to get work/ home separation. If this is still seeming too tight with your floorspace, you can maximise a corner in the living room or bedroom or place your desk under a large window, just make sure you have plug sockets nearby.



It is important that you choose the correct desk for a workspace, especially when working fully remote. If you have the space, getting a long desk is heavily recommended, this was there is plenty of space for files, books, papers, and stationery. The Mila Rubberwood Desk has a long length of 127cm; plenty of extra room and extremely contemporary. Need a place to store things? The Nessie Desk may be the better choice, a long desk with storage drawers so organisation is made easy and efficient.


If you’re space is limited you should pair up your bookshelves with your desk, the Conall Ladder Desk is a perfect example of this; not recommended for fully remote workers but perfect for hybrid workers who only work from home a couple of days.



A comfortable chair is probably the most important furniture asset in an office space; if you’re not comfortable whilst sat at your desk, then you’re not going to product your best work. If you have the budget, it is always better to pay for the extra comfort, which is why the Gino Office Chair is ideal for home office spaces. Not only is this chair extremely comfortable, but it is also super sleek and stylish as well. You can personalise this chair, as it comes in three different colours, making it versatile: working well in diverse spaces.



Now that you’ve chosen your home office location, desk, and chair, you can accessorize with décor, storage, bookshelves, and lighting – this is the fun part. If you haven’t got much space, then adding storage through corner bookshelves is a great space saver; the Tilly Corner Unit is a dainty example, coming in three colours: oak, white and black. If you have the space and feel daring with your design choices, you should go for the Ultika Diagonal Bookcase; a fun and interesting way to organise your office necessities.


It can be hard to balance lighting with style and practicality, in the colder months you are going to need a desk lamp to continue working near the end of the working day. The Hal Table Lamp is a striking yet simple lamp which is ideal for home office working. Bring extra character into the office space with décor pieces to add a more personal touch.

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