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Corporate Finance

For corporate clients we offer furniture leasing. This is more economical than furniture rental and the great thing is you not only get to keep the furniture at the end of lease, it’s also tax deductable.

You may be wondering why leasing would work for you, here are the top three reason why our customers have chosen to use leasing as an alternative to renting.


Retain capital


You don't need to part with your cash upfront. We can help you lease over 3 years from the revenue your project generates.


Tax savings


Rather than capital expenditure, a lease allows you to claim every monthly payment as a revenue expense to your business before your tax is calculated on profit.


More choice


We are always driven by price, therefore without the worry of finding the capital upfront you can choose what you want, be it bespoke from our vast range of furniture, rather than a selected range of furniture from a furniture rental company.

Outlined below is a brief summary of potential monthly payments for £5000 furniture pack over a three-year period.


Purchase value Approximate monthly payment amount (Exc VAT)
  More than 3 years trading accounts Less than 3 years trading accounts
£5,000.00 £178 £194
Total lease finance cost over 3-year term
Total repaid £6,425 £6,995
Total interest paid £1,425 £1,995
Corporation tax relief @ 19% £1,221 £1,329
Net cost of finance £204 £666
Net annual interest 1.37% 4.4%


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