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How BTR is reshaping the renting landscape

By delivering high quality, well-managed homes and creating communities, there is no denying that Build to Rent (BTR) is disrupting the private rental sector (PRS) in the UK. It is a concept that worked its way from the early 2000s and stems from the fact that the majority of the stock is held by individual landlords and small corporate entities who, in some cases, are providing poor services to tenants.

BTR developments fill a gap for quality rental housing as residents usually can benefit from the use of communal areas and shared facilities such as roof-terraces, gardens, cinema rooms, gyms and shared working/ office spaces. According to recent studies, there’s a social benefit for communities living in BTR developments as there’s a link between the quality of accommodation and some factors such as health and education.

As the population is predicted to grow, so is the BTR sector which, in 2021, saw more than £4 billion investments across the whole nation, with an increase from the £3.6 billion invested in 2020. More than 10,000 units were completed during this year, with a total number of units that tops 58,898. The completed stock accounts for just 1.3% of all private rental households, with another 0.9% under construction, with Manchester and Salford topping in terms of the ratio between BTR households and total PRS households. Despite major setbacks faced by the global economy, BTR has proven itself to be steady and stable with an increase in investments even during the pandemic.

Some of the major players in the UK that we serve as clients are Folio, Longharbour, Quintain Living, to name a few. For us, their success and happiness with our products and services are vital for the continuous development of our company. For each of those clients, we created bespoke solutions based on the structure of the units, budget, design and style required. Our approach is flexible and our interior design team work passionately to fulfil all our client’s requests. We excel with our delivery and installation, with quick operations at an impressive pace. We also offer show units interior styling, with ad-hoc marketing campaigns to back up your own ones whilst with our aftercare & replenishment services, we cover all BTR aspects at 360⁰.

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